Particle System Bloom?

I have a glowLayer that gives anything with an emissive color a nice bloom effect. Is there a simple way to get particles to also have an emissive color, so that they glow/bloom?


pinging @sebavan to confirm but I do not think so

nope, we only render meshes in the glow layer :frowning:

but would the glow for particles not be better stored in the texture for perfs ? (agree the quality might not be totally the same)

@gryff’s Christmas Card (A Merry Christmas to All from gryff :) - Demos and projects - Babylon.js), has awesome snow particles that seem like they’re glowing (using a particleTexture without glowLayer)


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No worries, yeah, it’s definitely possible to get something “glowy” with particles. Increase the number of particles, use additive material, and make the texture very blurry.

Thanks again

We can do it this way:


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