How to make particles (ParticleSystem) less "glowy"


Please have a look at the playground:

The particles should emulate wooden splinters, e.g. when a box is hit by a bullet. But the actual particles are more like “glowy” instead of “woody”.

Yeah, I know. But no idea how to describe it else. Maybe it is a blending issue? But the texture is black/white only and I would assume black = transparent, white = opaque, right? I am out of ideas :frowning:

Best wishes

Change the blendMode and add a wood texture. Something like this:


HA! Sweet, thanks @mawa :slight_smile:

Here we go:

Also, while searching for the correct blend mode constant (=BABYLON.ParticleSystem.BLENDMODE_STANDARD), I have found this thread: Particle Blend Mode colors (whiteout)

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