PBRMaterial shadows


When I use standardMaterial on the mesh, I can see the shadows. When I switch to pbrMaterial, I can no longer see those shadows.

Light setup is the same. I kinda know why it happen, but my question is if it is possible to see shadows on pbrMaterial and how to do it.


Shadows can be really faint with PBR. This is due to the light coming from the environment texture.

You can either not use PBR for meshes receiving shadows, or turn down the effect of texture on those meshes.

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Yes, shadows work fine with pbr materials. …In the same way as for standard materials. Shadows are produced by punctual lighting. Probably, your lighting setup is wrong (light falloff, etc). Light falloff is computed differently for pbr materials. Your setup for standard materials probably has no light attenuation. That is why you see shadows in legacy model. Try to increase the intensity of punctual lights.