Performance : (What is the benefit of) skipPointerMovePicking

Related to my performance update in my scene and to this post of mine:
(Need help to understand drawcalls in my scene)

What is the performance impact of using scene.skipPointerMovePicking in a fairly large scene (my scene) containing 2k meshes and ~100 pickable meshes and ~30 ADT for mesh ?
Obviously, I found that this disables all onPointerEnterObservable for my GUI so before revamping everything and since the performance gain isn’t really obvious for me at this very moment, I wanted to just ask?

It can save a lot of perf in a scene with a lot of meshes because we don’t call pick anymore on pointer move.

If you don’t want to disable pointer move picking entirely, you can try to set scene.pointerMoveFastCheck = true. It will use a bounding box check when picking, which is less precise than a triangle check, but much faster.


Thanks a lot for your expert advise (as always). :smiley:
It’s good to know that there’s a fast check method. Though, looking back at the use I’m making of it, it doesn’t seem like a ‘must have’ to me and in fact, I have this behavior and logic remaining on only 3 objects. So, I think I’m gonna change this logic a little and get rid off all pointermove picking to get max performance saving. Thanks again :sunglasses: and have a great day