Pg vscode tools


Pg colors tool for viewing colors, Is there any similar tools in vscode.

cc @RaananW but none that I am aware at the moment.

Name: Color Info
Id: bierner.color-info
Description: Provides quick information about css colors
Version: 0.7.2
Publisher: Matt Bierner
VS Marketplace Link: Color Info - Visual Studio Marketplace

You might be able to modify this one to include js/ts files

by updating its selectors:

    "selector": "js",
    "colors": "css"
    "selector": "ts",
    "colors": "css"

You also might have to add Color3 to the array of colors as well.

I have not tested this and it might not work, but could be an option?

Name: Flutter Color
Id: circlecodesolution.ccs-flutter-color
Description: This plugin help you to easily visualize the color.
Version: 1.0.2
Publisher: Nilesh Chavan
VS Marketplace Link: Flutter Color - Visual Studio Marketplace

This one works out the box with hex codes only though so
And that will give you a color picker too.


they added one to vscode like a year or so ago

just go to settings and turn it on

i think there are some other settings that may disable it though. there’s one editor setting to disable it specifically, and i think there is a global inline decoration setting


Okay, I’ll give it a try

color info, attempted several times but failed, possibly unable to parse before executing BABYLON.Color3
The work of the color plugin only deals with surface colors, and the color information compiled by the Color3 function should not be processed

flutter color is ok ,tks for you help