Physics bodies overlapping issue in babylon js

Hello all. I am making a simple crick bowling game in which the ball can be thrown towards the stump by swiping. I am applying force on the ball based on the swiping speed and direction of the swipe. Using ammoJS, Physics Impostor is added to both the ball and stumps. Sometimes the ball just overlaps the stump and goes without any impact. I tried changing different physics parameters and even tried other physics engines and found no use. I couldn’t able to figure out the cause of this issue. Does anyone faced this kind of issue ?? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome abroad!

There’s a lot that goes into play when detecting collisions in physics engines, like the speed the ball is moving (the higher speed the higher the probability of something going wrong), the shape of the stump, etc… To get the most accurate collisions, I recommend our newest engine Havok Physics | Babylon.js Documentation (, because it features Continuous Collision Detection (CCD - Continuous Collision Detection (Background Information) (, which I’m not sure if the other engines have too. It will be hard to say more without knowing more about your scene, a reproduction on the Playground would be of help.

That resolves the issue. Thanks