Pick an instanced mesh where there are a mix of mesh and instanced mesh's

Hi all,

Just the one last hurdle to get through before I can launch my website and model - excited to show everyone!

This is a very basic concept of the issue where I can select object’s with a mesh class and have a pop up appear but when I select a instanced mesh class, it doesn’t allow me to pick it and for the pop up to show. Is there any way to have both types of mesh’s in the model and be able to allow pop-ups to show for them?

Thanks in advance.


It works for the instance meshes too, I think you just need to check for their names too (currently you’re only checking for two of the mesh names so it only works for those two). I changed it to show the text with the clicked mesh’s name when any of the meshes is clicked for example. :slight_smile:

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you’ve done it! edge rendering resolved the pick mesh problem I’m having :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’m going to stick to edge rendering so it doesn’t have all the clones etc. and then use the pick mesh the normal way. Thanks @Blake this problem has been haunting me for longer than I care to share haha.

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