planeDragGizmo _CreatePlane source

Hey guys,
This is probably nothing, since i couldn’t find any cause of this. But i want to report just in case.
I was looking the file Gizmos/planeDragGizmo.ts , and i saw this.
/** @hidden */
public static _CreatePlane(scene: Scene, material: StandardMaterial): TransformNode {
var plane = new TransformNode(“plane”, scene);

    //make sure plane is double sided
    var dragPlane = PlaneBuilder.CreatePlane("dragPlane", { width: .1375, height: .1375, sideOrientation: 2 }, scene);
    **dragPlane.material = material;**
    dragPlane.parent = plane;

    // Position plane pointing normal to dragPlane normal
    **dragPlane.material = material;**
    return plane;

making “dragPlane.material = material” twice. And the comment not fitting the line. I am sure this line should be deleted but not sure what would be there instead of that.

And Deltakosh :)) “I can’t think of a way you found a bug without actually writing code.”
I may have found one :)))


pinging @Deltakosh to confirm if this is indeed a bug.

You rock!
I’ll fix that. Thanks a ton