Improted mesh was not display in the playgroud

I’m creating a repo to describe the problems in my project. I use dropbox to upload files and create links. but nothing was displayed in the scene, and even if I simply create a light, it won’t display. Well, I am not sure if there were some errors during my creation of file link. I imported all files into the dropbox, including .gltf, .bin, and several pictures, and then only created a link to the gltf file. When I loaded the scene, I got some errors:

Please check my playground:
Thank you all in advance!

Hey @Youmyin it looks like the import statement was a little off. You had shadow.gltf in both the rootUrl and sceneFileName. Thats why you see shadow.gltfshadow.gltf in the network tab

it should look like this instead:


Once it loads though, it looks like there is something further wrong with the gltf/bin :frowning:

Thanks for your response, I have corrected the error you pointed out, all the files I used are in the dropbox, but they don’t seem to be successfully obtained :cold_sweat:

Try with a glb instead, which embed all other asset content, to see what happens.


Thank you! I’ll have a try

it works! Thank you!


My guess was that the only content accessible through the dropbox link was the .gtlf file and not the .bin & textures.

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