[Playground Request] Considering "devicePixelRatio" for Ratina displays

Hi devs,

The current version of playground doesn’t consider “devicePixelRatio” when initializing the default engine. As a result, on ratina screens, this decreases the render sharpness.

Well it is for performance reason (we limit it to 1:1) you can still force it with engine setHardwareScalingLevel

You can also create your own engine for auto adapting (or use option for limiting), instead of default (the last parameter defaults to false in default PG):

For the curious – the “how”:

Ohh… I see. I thought so. @brianzinn thanks I appreciate it, but it’s tedious for me to add a function to every playground which I am opening, hence the title “request”.

Yeah I get your point but for performance reason I prefer to stick with a more conservative settings by default:)

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