Please try remove react warnings and info logs in non react projects

Hi all

I know I posted the other day asking about a warning I was getting pointing to react stuff while im in VUE.

Anyway @Deltakosh said I can ignore it which is great , but I have other react info logs as well … eg

babylon.guiEditor.max.js?6c20:44447 Download the React DevTools for a better development experience:
babylon.inspector.bundle.max.js?2f71:46784 Download the React DevTools for a better development experience:

is there no way to remove these … ? I mean its not ideal to be getting these logs when Im not using React

Are these visible when using the minified/production version?

Seems to be more than possible, but should be done on your end - reactjs - Disable/Hide "Download the React DevTools..." - Stack Overflow . We include react as is, we can’t really manipulate the build

I dont know , I have not done a production build yet ( rebuilding an old app with vue 3 )

it is shocking to me - so much brain power between all these build tool and framework code ninjas and they somehow overlooked something as annoying as this… wow It seems crazy that this is something I need to try squash from the outside? i mean its a 3rd party library to my pipeline. I would then expect a API option into the 3rd party code ( babylon, built with react? ) to squash this.

It should understand , your library is “compiled code” to my project and should not be telling me about using build tools utilities it uses itself during development.

stackoverflow … adding weird loose files in my project to create objects on the global window object to stop this logging is one major ugly hack.


Do they even live in the same world as us anymore? Deveopers HATE console logs they cannot control :wink: im speaking for the entire world now :wink:


Well, i guess they really want you to install the react dev tools!

I’ll see if we can remove it in our build process. We embed react out of necessity. Otherwise we will require you to include react to render those components. Until we move to pure web components (which have side effects as well, especially when used with view frameworks…) we will always need to embed or depend on a web rendering library

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