Point lighting not working with plane textures?

Hello, I was working on the rings for Saturn in my solar system simulator, with the rings being a PNG transparent texture on a plane mesh. However, I noticed that point light doesn’t seem to do anything to light up the plane mesh, and only the ambient light was doing anything. Here is an example Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I was wondering if there are any workarounds, or suggestions?


I fear you will need to provide a Playground if you want us to be able to investigate the issue.

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According to angle from which light enlight that planet, I would guess that the light source is “below” the ring thus enlight it from bottom side ? From your point of view, it is a star but from babylon´s point of view the source is one small point. I think that you cannot enlight both top and bottom side of a plane by single point light (I had to tackle similar problem in my project too).