Pointer events on FireFox mobile?

Has anyone had problems with pointer events not working on mobile(android) firefox?

Rendering seems to work fine, but bjs’ and my inhouse pointer events seem borked. I’m not sure how to debug the mobile browser.,.

Here’s a repo of some sick WebGL art if you haven’t seen it just because: Pex


I already had problems with FF mobile. It’s not with Babylon but with your own code isn’it ? (pointermove events fired even when pointer don’t move ?)

I made a small tool to see console messages on mobile, it could be muchhhh better but maybe it can do the job in your case :


Hey, thanks for this cool tool! I will definitely use it to debug this.

Just worth asking: did you make sure to reference pep.js to get the pointer event polyfill?

She’s not responding to the polyfill, I did just notice Inspector includes a console though, nice.