Unit21 Visualization


My friend and I finally decided to use Babylon.js for our next project and this is what came out of it.
We are both in 3D world for a while now. I am using Babylon for quite some time and I finally managed to get him on board. Please check it out and give some feedback (mostly if it works at all xD, because I think Safari cannot open it for some reason, maybe cause of Webgl2 limitation).

We usually do this type of work, but this is the first time we implemented Babylon in our workflow. Thank you all for help and for Babylon itself. Cheers.



Hello, @nogalo

It works on my desktop machine (windows + chrome) without any problems.

On my ipad pro (ios 12.0 + safari), the loading icon can be shown, which means the engine is up and running, but the scene just loads forever (over 5 minutes and never completes), so there might be something wrong.

Beautiful scene, love the design!

One minor issue with UI. When I select the floor, if I am not facing the right direction, and looking down a bit, I will miss the pop up menu.

Hope to see more of this project.


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Beautiful work!

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Hi @hcmetal.

Thank you for the feedback, I will try to investigate what is going on with the Safari. Also in regard to UI, I will animate the camera so it focuses the UI when it you click on element.

We have intention to work on several projects in the future, so there will be more of this kind of projects. And more :slight_smile:

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This is HUGE!!!

Please add a reference in our demo section:

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Thank you DK. I created PR for this just now.

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Nice work, very clean scene!

I see you’re using a lot of completemaps, why don’t you have use albedo + lightmap combination?

It has to be added not only on the community demo page but also on the welcome page IMO :wink: (usually I see new demos through the babylonjs.com welcome page, I’m probably not the only one).


Congrats for this, the general look is very smooth. As I am a 3D artist I am curious about technic and specs, so can I ask you which render engine did you use to bake your complete maps? With my mates we work slighter differently when it comes about lighting and baking so it is always nice to see some other ways to do things.

Thank you :).

Hmm. Well we thought about it. It is certainly better control with lightmaps baked separately where you could easier transit between the diffuse textures (we used standardMaterials for this project), without need of completely baking new map.

But performance wise I am not sure we would gain anything, but am I wrong? We would double the number of requests sent to server with that approach, not that I believe that would matter that much. But If you have some insights on if that’s better approach I would appreciate the info :smiley:


Thank you Crotmoul.

Well basically it’s Vray rendering inside 3dsMax and baking those textures, which are then loaded into engine. What’s your approach if you may ask?

As Vinc3r talked about it earlier, I am working with albedo textures and lightmaps pipeline. It allows us to go with smaller texture resolutions for the diffuse and we try to keep good control on lightmaps number and size as well.
And I am working nowadays only with Blender and Cycles for modeling and baking. Good job for the Vray rendering for the complete maps. I struggled about ten years with it, trying to get the best lightmaps I can and it was always a big pain in the workflow. Everything is more easy and faster with Cycles from my point of view.

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You will probably also gather some informations from this tutorial :wink: From Blender to BabylonJS - Nothing-is-3D

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