Possible bug with env and lighting in PG

I am fairly new to working in Babylon but I have come across two odd things in the PG. First when I attach my own .env/hdr to the scene and save it. My own env is replaced by the default in the PG. Is there a way to lock in the env?

The second issue is the lighting doesn’t consistently show on the wall in my scene when I press the Run button. At times I have to press it multiple times to get the lighting to appear on the mesh. Has anyone come across this?

Hello! How are you attaching your environment? Is it through the inspector? And by “saving”, do you mean saving the playground itself or exporting the scene through the inspector?

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I attach the env file in the inspector replacing the default one that normally comes with it. I then save the actual playground and once I do that the env file is replaced right after by the default.

That’s expected then, changes made through the inspector only aren’t saved in the PG, you’ll have to perform the changes by code. :slight_smile:

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