Possibly some kind of leak on Safari?

So here you have the full babylon bundle with all the materials and everything whereas in three you might look at a bundled app relying on only one material which could have a huge impact.

That said, 20Mb of retained strings is still extreme

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Ah okay, that makes sense. Though their editor does seem to have a lot loaded to begin with:

let me know if I can help testing anywhere else

right I ll have a look shortly to see if there is an easy culprit


Here is what I am seeing

It sounds more than accurate considering We have all our scripts loaded including the inspector and so on.

I tried a smaller version, take the previous pg save it locally and in the script references remove everything but Babylon. Close Safari to not keep previous snapshot data in. Open the page and make a snapshot.

You should see this:

With a total 16 Mb footprint:

This sounds pretty close from what I would expect considering the large size of the lib when relying on the bundle.