Post-processes autoclear question

In Babylon.js, many post-processes have their ‘autoclear’ set to false, and manual clearing of post-processes is not observed before rendering. At which step is the cleaning of the target content performed in post-processing? Could you please help me briefly analyze the process? Thank you very much for your assistance.

If a post-process autoClear property is false, then it is never cleared. We use it as an optimization when there’s no need to clear a post-process because the shader will write all pixels of the render target anyway.

Thank you for your reply. I understand. Before each post-processing starts rendering, the first post-processing will be cleaned or the preRender will clean the target.

and StandardRenderingPipeline should also need related optimization, right?

StandardRenderingPipeline is deprecated and not supported anymore. You should use DefaultRenderingPipeline instead, which correctly handles the autoClear property of the different post processes.