Problem with gui child text alpha on IOS 17.4

I have found strange behaviour on IOS 17.4. When child TextBlock has enabled shadow, it doesnt inherit
parent alpha. Here is PG.

And here are screens on 17.4 and previous IOS

( tested on real devices via browserstack and also on our company real devices )

Is there any way to walk around this problem?

cc @RaananW

Seems like a bug with Safari’s canvas support. any other browser renders it correctly.
I’ll see if we can somehow fix this on our side…

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So, did a lot of research here. This is most certainly a bug in Safari. It appears globalAlpha is a source of many different issues in Safari:

api.CanvasRenderingContext2D.globalAlpha - Doesn’t work after safari 16.x and also 17.x version · Issue #22633 · mdn/browser-compat-data (

javascript - globalAlpha not working with globalCompositeOperation on Safari - Stack Overflow

I checked to be sure - the alpha (context.globalAlpha) is set correctly when the text is being rendered. It seems like Safari has an issue with save/restore context state calls when it comes to alpha state.

I am so sorry, but I don’t have a workaround here - apart from recommending you to let apple know it is an issue, and provide your simple reproduction.

Thanks for update. I have already made switch that disables text shadows in my game on ios with versions 17.4 and above

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