Problems getting BabylonNative to run in OpenXR mode


I posted an issue on the BabylonNative tracker - but I was wondering if there are any tricks to getting OpenXR to work? I’ve tried with WindowsMR and the Oculus Rift, and I can get the OpenXR demos to run on the rift, but no luck getting the playground to run. Any hints?


pinging @syntheticmagus

Hi bnolan,

We’ve actually never tried using Babylon Native with Oculus — our OpenXR prototype integration was done before the Oculus runtime was available, and we haven’t gotten to dive into it more recently. So, the short version is that I have no idea how to get that to work, but if you’re looking into it, I’m super excited to help figure it out! I’ll reply more on the issue you opened, and we can continue from there. Thanks for giving this a shot; as far as I know, you’re the first person ever to try running Babylon Native on an Oculus device!