Procedural texture without uv?


Applying a procedural texture from a “MeshBuilder” mesh with UV is not an issue.
But I have a geometry coming from a buffer, and I have no UV information attached to it.

Still, I want to apply a procedural texture on it.

It could work “a la triplanar mapping” but the cost of that technique is high.

I though that applying a procedural shader could do it, and tried with simple “meshbuilt” shapes:

I don’t care how the procedural texture is projected on the geometry, I just want it to be there.

With the vertices geometry buffer, it won’t work. I just have my plain color.

I would like to avoid creating a material, especially PBR, since this is no joke.

What are my options?


You could use a material plugin? Material Plugins | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Uhuhuhuh :smile:

That is EXACTLY what I was after.

Thank you!

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