Procedural Textures For Planets

I am creating a real-life model of the solar system. I would like to texture my planets with procedural textures, I tried to use the Noise procedural texture but was not able to set the colours and get the desired result, while I also tried to use the cloud procedural texture which makes my planet look quite less earth-like and renders the same every time. Is there a way to generate random earth-like planet procedural textures?

something possibly like this - Planet Demo

Thanks in Advance!!

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Well, the demo you linked is done with Babylon, so you can simply get the source code and start from there.

You can find the project here: Website/build/Demos/Planet at master · BabylonJS/Website · GitHub


@Hasnain_Koser, @Evgeni_Popov,

While this is kind of old, I just found this and it is awesome. You just saved me like 100 hours of work. I was originally going to try and implement some of procedural planet generation from C#/Unity (see this forum thread) in my game. Thanks so much for making this!!!