Publish your place like an FPS Shooter game ! // free-visit uses babylonJs // kickstarter

Hello babyloniens.
I have been in love with balylonJs since a few years.

  • free-visit :
    I am doing a quite ambitious project on my WE time.

Here is my kickstarter for free-visit .
For all people like me who feel 360° is very bad as an immersion format.
So if, while you were playing your favorite FPS game, you have ever thought :

  • Damned ! Why can’t we have this FPS-game on the web with my house instead of this dull 360° photos ?
    Now you are covered. :metal:


cc @PirateJC

Nice! Very Cool @tmilard!

If you end up hosting an example or tutorial somewhere, let us know and I can add it to the Babylon community page to help boost visibility to it!

Yeah, cool…
This if my website.

There are two demos .
( note: if démo doesn’t load, refresh again )

Sweet! Added to the community page!

Should be live in a couple of minutes:

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Thank you very much.
Thanks again.

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