Question about glowlayer optimization solution

I think that the glow effect is very important to enchance visual effect in scene. However it will produce double drawcalls, lower FPS. Babylon porvide some method, just like ‘addExcludedMesh,
addIncludedOnlyMesh, removeExcludedMesh, removeIncludedOnlyMesh’ to reduce drawcalls which can achieve the reduction, but the glow texture always in front the scene, so we get poor user experience.

Here’s an example from three.js, use FBO technology to solve it.
Combining two render(glow and non glow) textrue before rendering, output the final textrue to screen.
I’m not sure it’s an solution for babylon.js ? :wink:

This is different from the glow which does not require a high intensity on the main pass.

Here it is more like bloom that Babylon supports as well: Using the Default Rendering Pipeline | Babylon.js Documentation


So,Can I control a part of mesh to add bloom effect use Babylon’s BloomEffect?

No, the bloom effect is a post-processing that applies to the whole image, it cannot be adjusted per mesh.