Question regarding texture blurriness

I’m hoping this question has an easy answer, but I seem to be a bit stumped. The question: is there a way to retain a textures definition as it get smaller? Consider the image below. At a higher res things are clear but as it get smaller it start to look “fuzzy”. I do understand that as it gets smaller it will be more difficult to read but it seems that it is actually get blurrier the smaller it gets as well, almost like there is additional filtering? Is there a way to turn off this “blurring effect”?

Small Res (blurry)

Hey, you may want to play with the mip maps here. (try to turn them off, even though I do not think it will help). The best option is to start with a bigger resolution upfront

Also, please try to give us a repro in the Playground so we can see if there are other options for your need

Hey Deltakish thanks for the quick reply. Here is a playground link with essentially what we have. If you look at the original texture and then at the scene you will see that things are a touch “fuzzy” in the babylon scene, then as you continue to zoom out you will see it gets even “fuzzier”. What we are trying to do is maintain crispness of the texture throughout the experience.


Here is an example with no mipmaps:

Or with mipmaps and anisotropic:

But at the very end I feel like increasing the resolution will be the best option

Hm… yeah I was playing around with those as well. I would say no mips is closest to the idea, but it definitely has some strange behavior. The challenge for us is that we really cant go larger on the texture as our final scene has 100’s of textures but we also need to be able to “read” the text as it gets smaller. Perhaps there is not a solution here for what we are after, just trying to squeeze out the most of your amazing library. :slight_smile:

You can control it by creating your own mipmaps with a dds file
This will help you control how blurry could each layer be

Ahh … I had not considered that. I will look a bit more into this.

Just out of curiosity, is there a converter that you know off hand that can convert a series the mipmap images to a compatible dds? I can of course google, just thought you might have a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Somehow it made me laugh, probably because of the french sounding :wink:

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Ha, ha oops ! Sorry about that. Darn my fat fingers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know there is a photoshop plugin from nvidia