Image texture blurry


I’ve been doing survey in few days about the Image texture is not clear and blurry in Plane mesh.
But I still have no idea how to make it look clearer.
Is there any solution ?
(show the image as below )
Image 2

It will be easier for us to help if you can provide a repro in the playground.

Things that can affect the blurriness of a texture:

  • size of the texture => make it bigger so it appears less blurry
  • sampling mode used. Try to use BABYLON.Constants.TEXTURE_NEAREST_SAMPLINGMODE, BABYLON.Constants.TEXTURE_BILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE or BABYLON.Constants.TEXTURE_TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE in a texture.updateSamplingMode() call
  • format of the input texture. Try to use a lossless format (like png) over a lossy format (like jpg) to start with the best possible quality