Quickest Way to calculate scale

If I have a number of nested transformNodes, each has a different scale, mostly smaller as you move deeper into the tree

Is there a built in method of of calculating the overall scale of any target in the structure?

Example say I want 1.1.2, since nested its overall scale is not 0.5 but really 1 multiplied by 0.5 multipled by 0.5 = 0.25
Node 1: Scale Factor (x,y,z) 1
Node 1.1: Scale Factor (x,y,z) 0.5
Node 1.1.1: Scale Factor (x,y,z) 0.2
Node 1.1.2: Scale Factor (x,y,z) 0.5

I could solve this easily with recursion and walking up the tree, but figured there may be a built in method that I was not seeing in the documentation, and I am trying to get better at using built in methods vs just whipping up my own.

Hello the best option is to get mesh.getWorldMatrix() and decompose that matrix into your overall scaling value:

Matrix | Babylon.js Documentation

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I may need some help with this. Having a really off day. .targetTransformNode returns fine, but computerWorldMatrix fatal errors as undefined.

                let targetTransformNode = pwtHelp.findNearestTransformParent(targetMesh);
                let targetScaleMatrix = targetTransformNode.getWorldMatrix();
                const values = {
                    scale: new Vector3()
                let isValue = targetScaleMatrix.decompose(values.scale);
                scaleFactor = values.scale.x;
                console.log("Global Scale:");

Got it. Thanks

            let targetWorldMatrx = targetTransformNode.getWorldMatrix();
            let scaleFactorVector3 = new Vector3;
            let scale = scaleFactorVector3.x
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