Radiance Cascades lighting?

I saw this recently and wondered if it’d be a viable option for Babylon.js?

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You mean babylon.js? :wink:


From babylon.js docs:

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Changed, thanks!

I’ve seen Babylon’s GI but I thought this radiance cascades was a new/different technique? Likely I misunderstood.

I know sh*t about radiance cascade lighting but I think GI is the first step to implement it. Isn’t it?

From what I understood in the video, this is a cheaper/faster method of doing GI.

Did you catch this one?

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Yeah I saw that one too.

I honestly don’t know enough about the different techniques to determine pros and cons of each.

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Those smart people inventing the cool stuff are literally throwing so many new sh*t on us devs that it’s damn hard to follow… Wish I had three heads :smiley:

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It’s good to have options :slight_smile:

Back then when our country was occupied by the bad guys :smiley: and we had a communist regime here you had two options when choosing kitchen tiles: white or red

Nowadays WTF you can’t choose because you have so many options available. To much of good is not good either LOL

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