Raspberry Pi 400 runs BabylonJs (yay!) but useContactHardeningShadow crashes it

I’m experimenting with a Raspberry Pi 400 (and thinking of using it as a performance benchmark for game development) and discovered that my standard babylonjs demo crashes on the Pi’s browser, but most tutorials and examples on the website do not.

I narrowed it down to this:

shadowGenerator.useContactHardeningShadow = true

Here’s a fiddle allowing you to replicate the issue; you can uncomment line 15 (on a Raspberry Pi) to see the issue (it’s pretty bad – it hangs the browser tab)

As far as I can tell, the browser is not misreporting its capabilities but I’m no expert.

Also note that percentageCloserFiltering fails in much same way.

The WebGL v1 blurred shadow options don’t cause crashes, but they also appear not to work.

Contact hardening shadow and PCF need WebGL 2 to work. I assume that Pi 400 doesn’t support WebGL 2?

It’s probably a problem with tweaking the shadow parameters (like bias). This page could help: Shadows | Babylon.js Documentation