Rats! WebGL hit a snag


I am getting “Rats! WebGL hit a snag” error in Oculus GO.
I am not getting this error when I open the same webpage from my laptop.
Any clue?

Thanks in advance.

Woot…We’re going to need more meat my dear :slight_smile:

Which page? did you try without texture? what is the memory use? Did you try without webgl2?

Hi @Deltakosh,
I kept my model in my development webserver and I am just calling SceneLoader.Load.

Will you be able to help me if I zip and send you my model? I don’t have any public IP to host my model

I remember once getting an ‘Are you crazy?’ error from IBM’s DB2 database. If it works on everywhere, but there, then this is a poor place to ask.

I googled Rats! WebGL hit a snag, and got over 17k hits, with many looking very pertinent.

Hi @JCPalmer, All those 17K hits say same thing. Disable Hardware acceleration in chrome.
No one discussed talks about this problem in oculus go. I could not find how to disable Hardware acceleration in oculus go

Here is a doc to help you host your content for the PG:

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Have you got the solution? If no, then check out the solution here: [3 Methods] How to Solve Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error

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