False report of webgl not available

Hi all im new here , first post. I have never been to this site before but I have experience with other webgl engines and have no problems viewing webgl in those engines or any of your examples either , yet if I click on the demo :


If only loads the 2d content and I see this in the console :

c4-6039d0?ver=2.0:1 WebGL not supported. Displaying 2D controller only.

Im not saying it is babylon engine related , i didnt investigate it but Ive actually accessed this page in the past ( not knowing what engine was running it ) and it worked. So this is very strange it reports this now.

I have a strong PC so i doubt it is a problem with my hardware. If it is outside your control then perhaps just disable the demo item until they fix it.

In general I look forward to trying out the engine it looks promising. There were some other dead links i found in my first day experience, if there is a place or a person to who I can report dead links as I explore the content please let me know to where or to whom?

chat soon again

This is not your fault :slight_smile:
And welcome!

The Xbox labs recently moved to a 2d version only for internal reason and they are emitting this warning which is wrong

So no worry this is just a bug on their side

Ah thanks For the info , a relief for me :wink: I guess it has to be removed then as a plausible demo item since it has no 3D content :wink:


We have plenty of other demos on www.babylonjs.com :slight_smile: