REACT - HighLight Layer Overlaps Non-Highlighted Layers

Hi, Community!

I’m back, trying to learn some new tricks.

Working on a small project on the REACT environment, but code is all javascript.

I have a SPHERE, it has a highlight layer.
The sphere also has a glow layer, just in case that matters
(I only get this problem if highlight layer is active)

I also have a PLANE.

This is what I have:

This is what I want to achieve:

If I do highlightLayer.addExcludedMesh(PLANE);
The plane is no longer tinted in the insection area but I still get the outline glow of the sphere, but that’s not what i want.

So far only tried the hl.removeMesh(), hl.addExcludedMesh() is there some other method I should take a look?

Can I be missing some installation library?

Hello! Can you share the code you’re working with?


It’s part of something bigger so its complicated.

I created a new small React+Babylon project with the playground concept and it works fine so I’m thinking it must be something with the mesh plane and its PBR material coming from Blender.

So, I thinking about changing that mesh to a ground plane and go from there and see what happens.


My experience lead me to understand that the issue was being caused by the PBR Material.
I switched it for a StandardMaterial with no emissiveColor or Texture and worked fine.

Not sure if the HighLight Layer, just like the Glow Layer, when activated grabs everything emissive and alongside what is added to it…

In pure javascript it worked fine, when transictioning to REACT it worked has shown above.

My next step will be to better understand PBR Materials atributes and the Blender to Babylon transiction:

@carolhmj Thanks again.