Realistic PBR texture

Hi everybody,

I try to use pbr materials and i want to render a realistic wall.

Here’s the playground :

As you can see, the size and the orientation of the stones are not the same on the different faces and the stones are not contiguous between a face and another.

Do you know how i can change the size and orientation of the texture and particularly on a face only?

Thanks for your answer.

That’s because of your UV texture coordinates. I guess their range is [0…1] for U and V on every face. You should tweak them to make them proportional to face world size.


I’m sure you’re right but could you give me a little bit more information or an example ?

I don’t know which DCC tool you are using but here is some intro with Blender:


Thanks, I will use the faceUV datas to update my cube with the updateVerticesData function.

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