Recreating a "disolving" effect

Hey guys would anyone know if its possible to recreate something like this in babylon ? the fade/disolve morph between images. I dont have a demo as i dont even know where to start with it haha…

Not the same effect, but a dissolve anyway:

Done with the NME: How To use the Node Material - Babylon.js Documentation

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Wow cool! thanks for showing this! Maybe you know how would one start with sampling the colors from the scene, or a particular object in order to use them with this node material?

All depends really. Are the colors of the scene changing over time. If not take a screenshot and use a photodrawing app to sample colors.

scene.clearColor will give you the background color of the scene.

The color of a mesh can be found from one of the material color types

If textures are used for the material of a mesh then sampling the image used will give you the colors.

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