Red Black Checkerboard

I created a simple Electron demo app that uses Babylonjs to show a simple animation of a textured 3D object. In the background it uses the the default environment and shadowGenerator.

On two of my PCs, the app works as intended with the 3D object coming in fully textured and the background looking fine (the default environment casting shadows, etc.).

However, on a third PC, the 3D object comes in fully textured as expected. However the background/ground plane is the red/black texture pattern that usually means a missing texture.

Any ideas why this may be? I thought it may be a graphics card issue but I find it strange that the 3D object comes in as expected but not the simple background.

Ok, I figured it out by enabling DevTools in Electron. Because my third PC wasn’t connecting to the Internet, it wasn’t looking for the texture file that the default environment calls for from the babylonjs assets web site! I just assumed the default environment was a procedural texture.

So I just need to download the texture and call for it locally. And also modify my master babylonjs file accordingly.


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I always like seeing that checkerboard for some reason. It always means I’m offline or the asset is otherwise missing, but its like bjs still got me and is doin its best ;p

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