Rendering mechanism, rendering error

Hello, I am experiencing an error in drawing the page:

drawing is interrupted,Does anyone know how to skip or ignore the error after render? Because I don’t know babylon’s rendering mechanism, I can’t skip or ignore the error.

It’s impossible to tell with only the screenshot. The only thing we can say is that it is related to the DOM of your page (DOMException - Web APIs | MDN)…

Are you able to setup a repro somewhere?

Since this was a company project and it was difficult to reproduce, I posted a few screenshots of the code drawing stuck

This error does not occur every time the code is executed, but only on some ios systems. Android works fine

Error when no exception catch is added:

I can see you are using 5.21.0: are you able to test with the latest version (5.45.0)?

Closing because duplicate of Gui Drawing error