[Rotate mesh instead of camera] Why is this old Playground from Nockawa not working anymore?

Here is the original playground from the html5gamedevs forum created in 2016:


Here is the original forum link:

How to rotate mesh instead of the camera?


Hiya Ian, good to see you again.

After some changes in core a while ago, line 102 needs an extra parameter… under certain circumstances.

meshmodel.setPivotMatrix(newMtx, false); [Adjusted playground]

That parameter is sort-of a “Adjust mesh transformations after pivotMatrix adjust? true/false”… and line 102 is inside-of a onPointerMove block. What I think WAS happening… is that pointer is trying to move the mesh, but then the bad line meshmodel.setPivotMatrix(newMtx); defaults the 2nd parameter… to TRUE. I think… this causes the mesh to make the exact OPPOSITE move that the pointer made.

In other words, pointer makes move, but then setPivotMatrix UN-moves it back to original transform (rotation/position). By adding the false… we disallow the un-move. :slight_smile: Just a theory. :slight_smile:


@Wingnut is correct - Ref Set and Use a Pivot - Babylon.js Documentation


Great! Thank you. :grinning:

Another question:

Any ideas on how to add inertia to Nockawa’s code? He states “…that it’s not that hard to do…” Umm…yeah :flushed:

heh. Yeah, Nockawa has “the force” with him. The rest of us… well, you know… we have to work at it.

Want to see a really BAD attempt? I knew ya did. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DKROG#16

First, notice that I moved deltaPos declaration… to a global level… line 40.

Then… in pointerUp block, I went crazy. it contains MOST of the same code as pointerMove block, but I also added a renderLooper… to gradually down-scale deltaPos - lines 131/132 area. The down-scaling works almost-well the first drag… but then works less-well the next drag, and less-well the next drag, etc. Watch console… deltaPos is down-scaling faster… each drag-release. Not sure why.

And… it’s just bad coding. Mister skull is jerking all over hell, getting a head-ache. Notice line 151 has an extra .invert() that was not seen in line 104. It was a Wingnut addition… which means it’s likely a mistake.

All in all, it’s just a mess… but it MIGHT be GENERALLY going in the right direction. Just add intelligence, and it MIGHT start working. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Wingnut. I’ll look into this. :slightly_smiling_face: