Rounded corners

Hello! I am trying to figure out the cheapest way to get rounded corners on my rectangle for a physics simulation game and I was wondering is there something like a ‘round corners’ node? I have seen something like that in Redshift renderer. You just connect the node to the bump input and it rounds the corners a bit.

If not then what would be the best way to do that given that I will have lots and lots of rectangles?

Thank you for reading and taking the time.

Hello, @Mr_Anderson,

If you design your shape only with BabylonJS, you can look at this PG :

If you design your shapes with blender or another soft, there is often a “bevel mode” on it.




Thanks, I was just wondering if there is a solution that doesn’t involve creating extra geometry :slight_smile:

Only with BabylonJS, i don’t think so…

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Geometry alone is only for orientation. The real magic that leads to realistic representation of a mesh happens with a material, or better with a shader that can take geometry into account.

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I can show you the door, but you have to go through it all by yourself! :slight_smile:

Experiments with Vertex Shader | Babylon.js Playground (


Is a normal map an option? I think this can be fully automated in Blender if the bevel modifier works for you.

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Yes, I am trying to figure out which would would give me the best performance.