Sampling mode when using KTX textures

The default sampling mode is TRILINEAR_SAMPLINGMODE which is integer 3.

I noticed when I’m using compressed KTX textures the sampling mode looks like its disabled. If I check the sampling mode in the console it’ll still say its 3. But I can see bad moire effects. So I use “updateSamplingMode” and set it to 3 again and it fixes it.

So it looks like internally the KTX textures are not using sampling mode 3 and it needs to be set again in code. Did I do something wrong with the KTX textures? Do I just have to loop through every texture and set sampling mode to 3 again?

Can you repro on the PG? Something must be wrong in the KTX support code
adding @bghgary FYI

5 seconds after loading I set sampling mode to 3. You can notice the difference 'cos of the moire effect on her top.

Thanks…looking at it

will be fixed by next nightly!!

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