Scene lighting issue

Hello all, happy holidays (nearly),

Hoping someone may be able to help with an issue I’ve come up against that I’m not sure how to work through.

I’m using Babylon with requestAnimationFrame to animate custom gLTF/GLB files. Previously we were using setTimeout to control the animation loops and we had no issues with lighting. Since introducing requestAnimationFrame, the lighting in our scene has resulted in a completely washed out model (no detail). We’ve tried removing the lighting altogether to see what the issue is, but for some reason, even then, the meshes still show as the below screenshot.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue in a playground, as it’s a lot of custom code to include that I can’t get working in an example. Sorry if this is very vague. I’m hoping on the off chance someone here might be able to see the picture and understand what may be a cause for me to investigate.

Appreciate any help/guidance you may be able to give.


There should not be any differences between setInterval, setTimeout and RAF cause they all call in the scene.render() which is where everything is happening.

I guess there is something else off in your code.