Scene stopped working out of the blue with empty array issue

I have a simple scene we use to dynamically design styli for the metrology industry. It has been up and running for two years. This week all of a sudden it stopped working and reported a warning in the console if “Setting vertex data kind ‘position’ with an empty array” I would imagine that some underlying code must of changed some where. My code hasn’t changed in months.
Any ideas what the problem might be?

Here is a link to the site if you want to check it out.

Hello and welcome!

So this seems to come from the subtract operation between your two cylinders:

It is not possible to help without a repro in the playground

can you just extract these two cylinder and try to repro the subtraction in the playground?

Here is a the link to the playground I used when I was setting this all up.
Now it doesn’t work because it says “createScene function must return a scene”. Again this worked last time I checked.

I’ll keep looking at it and try to figure out why it isn’t working. Granted it has been awhile since I did all this, and I cobbled it together with my limited knowledge.

Thanks for taking a look at the original problem.

I figure this part out.
Haven’t figure out why yet, but it has something to do with the showAxis() function. If I comment it out and run the playground everything works fine. I can then uncomment the function, run it again, and everything runs.

yes because the scene variable is not global
here is the fix:


So the other part works here, I just need to figure out what changed for the web site.