WebGL2 perfomance issue on android embeded WebView vs Chrome

I working on my HTML5 rpg game written in babylonJS. I decided to release android app only with webView - embedded Android Chromium. I have problem with performance on webview.

My test stack is Xiaomi redmi note 4 and samsung galaxy A5. On both is same result, when i open my game in google chrome browser it works fine, but in webView FPS is decreased and i don’t know why… Maybe some had similar problem?

If You can, please reproduce that and open game in browser and then in APP. http://slavsgame.com - unfortunately you need to login and again test it in Android App https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PzklXVCaQXPjxPAQKMofYbVEeJterrxR.

Thanks for help

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Which android API are you using? (26+?) If not try to at least target oreo
I would recommend to turn webgl2 off in the webview to see if that helps.

Also make sure to use the latest WebView that really comes with Chromium and not Android browser

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Do you think about minimum android API to set 26+?

I prepared anonymous connection to game from mainpage from slavsgame.com, so You can test from chrome and also I upload android app to google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.slavsgame.

Disable WebGL2 not help and i am sure abou using Chromium as default android webview.

I’m not a good android developer enough to help here but on my own apps (www.collecto.app and www.urzagatherer.app) I had to target 26+ to be safe