Screen Space Reflections acting weird

i am trying to achieve some realtime reflections on a room i am working on.
basically i used the commands provided by the examples in the docs.
as you can see - the reflections are shown numerous times.

can you guys provide some help ?

same result on the example when i move the camera more far away from the object.

Hello @johannesmueller do you happen to have a playground we can take a look out?

i get the same results in the example

Can you file this post under bugs?

Pinging @Evgeni_Popov, would you be able to take a look?

Also possibly @julien-moreau ?

Hey @msDestiny14 sure :slight_smile:
@johannesmueller unfortunately Screen Space Reflections (SSR) should not be used to reproduce perfect reflections, SSR is a post-process used to help rendering real-time reflections with an enough « good » result. It is by design not to be used to reproduce perfect reflections. As an example, unreal engine has the same problem as SSR is a common shared technique :

You should try using mirror textures instead flooding that documentation: Reflections and Refractions | Babylon.js Documentation

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In your sample, you should first set strength to 1, as the doc is stating that above 1 you will get unrealistic reflections.

And by raising a bit the number of samples, the artifacts disappear (at least in the sample):