Artifacts appear during the use of SSR

Artifacts appear during the use of SSR, please help to see how to deal with it, thank you!

Have you checked the artifacts session of the SSR docs? Screen Space Reflections (SSR) Rendering Pipeline | Babylon.js Documentation

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According to the content of the official document to adjust the still exist Artifacts phenomenon, can not achieve a very natural effect, of course, may also be my understanding of the content of the document is wrong, if you are clear about it, I hope to be able to prompt a bit!

@Evgeni_Popov is the author of SSR so he will be able to tune it most finely :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there are limitations to the technique, and it is not well suited for a perfect mirror as you use it in the PG. You should try to add some blur to hide some of the artifacts.

It seems enableAutomaticThicknessComputation=true does not work very well for this model (we can’t barely see the difference when it’s on), I think it’s because there are lots of thin surfaces.

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