Screenshot in high resolution [Sandbox]

Please make it possible to create screenshots in double and quadruple of the screen resolution.
We would like to create super highres screenshots for marketing and UI elements.

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Hey @oglu,

As far as I know, there is no method for taking a screenshot in the Sandbox that is of a higher resolution than the current resolution of the monitor it’s taken on.

Its not possible i know but thats why im posting in the feature request forum.

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If anyone is motivated to help I will gladly merge the PR

If you have a way to trigger it (maybe timeout, a button or something like that) you can try

            { width: 3840, height: 2160 },

This does work in the playground. :slight_smile:

Babylon.js SCREENSHOT MAKER Prototype - quick Screenshot maker prototype.
Based on the example from another thread
It is quite easy to add a possibility to upload GLTF or Babylon files with instant or custom screenshot creation (as well as possibility to choose environment, light and other scene presets).
It is also possible to capture every frame from rendering with high res and record it to disk (needs server-side things). See code example here - Custom Rendering of Scenes to Video

Here is an attempt. Create option to Render Screenshot by 13djwright · Pull Request #6822 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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@oglu This was just merged in this morning. So, you should see it sometime soon. I think it would also include the alpha you asked about in another thread.


Great thanks!