Self reflection material

I try to make ring configurator like this one my biggest problem is I cant get this self reflection of ring I get something like shadow but not reflection

hi. for not flat surface you need reflection probe. How to use Reflection Probes - Babylon.js Documentation or if your surface is flat you need mirror texture Obtain Reflections and Refractions - Babylon.js Documentation but i don’t know about self reflections in probes. please try


Probe at the center of the ring can produce reflections for the inner surface of the ring. Another probe with only jewel in the render list may produce suitable reflections for outer ring surface.
P.S. Non-hdr reflection texture may produce artifacts.

Wow, this website though! good job.

Beautiful site indeed! Maybe @PirateJC could be interested for our release video (and for the homepage)

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i think in your reference app false not realtime self reflections with simple cubemap in reflection channel of material. and i was right программа для Web - скриншотов
they use simple image so its fake self reflections. I think that you will have problems with recursion if you try reflection probe in real time for self-reflection so just use hdr cubemaps for reflections yourMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.HDRCubeTexture(“textures/room.hdr”, scene, 512);

hi DK. its reference app) waiting demo from @bajro_lisic
with his app) I believe with babylon his can do better app
than in the reference. Diamonds in reference is really cool but reflections on metal looks very flat and fake)

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