Shader performance compared to other libraries / engines

Hello everyone! I have question that was on my mind for sometime and here I could not find anything similar.

Im curious, how does shader performance compare to, for example, Unity or Unreal Engine? Obviously, CPU performance will greatly differ at least because of how Javascript works. But what about shaders? Since they are handled by GPU, what makes the difference?

Basically, my assumption is that shaders are crusial part of any more or less beautiul scene. And so if their performance is on the same level, it should be possible to create same quality picture.

As you can guess I’m not an expert in such topics, so any explanation is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Yup your assumptions are fully correct the shaders will behave identically on all engines :slight_smile:

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Amazing! And does WebGPU or WebGL impact it somehow?

not at the shader level either, but the overall graphics pipeline Webgpu should be faster

That’s totally cool, plus one more point for using Babylon over other things :rocket: