Shader problem with HDR in Default Rendering Pipeline

I feel like I’ve already asked some obvious questions but I’m still learning.

I have a simple stars shader that works ok with the default rendering pipeline:

even though the pipeline darkens it, its still manageable.

but when I use the default rendering pipeline with HDR textures set to true:

the scene is suddenly brightened and the shader starts looking odd.

and for other shaders as well:

I have no clue what’s going on. Is there some way to stop this? Or should I forget about using HDR textures?

this is the playground:

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If you turn HDR on on your pipeline yopu are supposed to output pixel in your shader in linear space (and not gamma space)

In this case we recommend to add a pixel conversion at the end of your pixel shader to output the pixel in linear space

For the background you can call scene.createDefaultEnvironment() which will create a skybox with a BackgroundMaterial that will fix the background color


That was fast. thanks for replying. I’ll look into that right now.

I researched on it and found that opengl uses sRGB color space by default. then I researched more and found this: GLSL-Color-Spaces/ at master · tobspr/GLSL-Color-Spaces · GitHub

and its working well:

thanks for your help.