NME material losing shadows, how do I get it back

I’m trying to make a simple textured material. I’ve noticed that when it’s this simple, the shading of the sides goes away. What’s the simplest way to make shadows work again? It’s ok if it’s a fake, distance of the normal from a vector, style.



Here’s what I found while poking around. I hooked up a Lights node and multiplied the output. I needed to change my Color4s to Color3s so they would match.

This might be the solution, but I’m keeping the question open in case others have more insight into it.

I’m not sure to understand what the problem is…

Maybe try another type of light like a point or directional light?

Here’s an annotated screenshot of what I’m talking about.

And for completeness, here’s how my updated nme looks.

I think it’s enough, but I might be missing some other details that I won’t happen upon until I build more with it.

You must use the Light block if you want your material to be affected by lights:

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Thanks, looks like this is the solution