Shadows in the Inspector

I found a create ShadowGenerator button in the Expector.
Is that new?

But if i start to play with the settings the Shadow disappears and never comes back.

Exporting without frozen Transfroms is evil. :slightly_smiling_face:
The disappearing issue is still there.

Here a new Scene with Animations. (177.5 KB)

Is there any way to get a Shadowmap with more resolution in the Expector?
If there are a lot of objects in the scene the current one is to small.

The scene size from above wont change just more objects and polygons.

(totally off-topic but why do you call it Expector? :smile:)

haha… cause im expecting something but i wont get it.

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It is a new feature I’m adding for 4.1

The problem is with the bias precision. I will add more digits :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the inspector is NOT an editor (even if @PatrickRyan is definitely pushing me that way). I do not plan to let you create ALL babylonjs objects from there. The tools in the inspector are mostly here to help you inspect/debug the scene

Yes i know. But im with PatrickRyan. :smiley:

I start to see that yeah :smiley:

The shadow near and far planes are also candidates to make the shadows invisible.

Ok this will be better with next nightly