Sheen - Link to Albedo?

Sheen with “Link To Albedo” looks unexpectedly dark when Metal is zero, but it looks OK when Metal is one. Does anyone know why this is the case?

Using a solid color seems to always provide better results than Link to Albedo.

The fabric in this example has two material variants:

  1. The first variant uses 100% metallic fabric, so specular reflections are colored similarly to how satin reflects lighting:

  2. The second variant uses a metalness texture to assign the gold threads as metal and the purple threads as non-metal:

The all-metal example is a non-physically accurate use of metalness (satin is not metal), however it seems to reflect lighting more like real satin. The non-colorized reflection in the second variant does not properly replicate the look of satin; the fabric looks more like plastic.

Real-world satin brocade examples for reference: (2.0 MB) (2.0 MB)

link to albedo was a first implementation of the Dassault GLTF proposal and was overdarkening the base. I or Someone from the community (I would love that actually) and yes @Evgeni_Popov I am thinking about you :slight_smile: cause of what you did on CSM !!! need to integrate this proposal : basically a separate roughness and an albedo correction to solve all the issues we are currently exhibiting here with a none accurate setup to look natural.

Let s see if someone can do it, else I would unfortunately not be available before March on this one :frowning:

I am sorry in advance for the wait.

I need to finish dealing with the scroll viewer, but yes that’s something that looks interesting :slight_smile: (I would have first to learn a bit of PBR, though).

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Ohhhhh mannnnnn !!! I can tell you in a quick meeting all you need to know and this would be amazing :slight_smile:

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